Small things count
It is morning, you need to run to the store to buy some tape. By 11  all the nails have run out and another visit to the store is needed. In the afternoon the screwdriver broke. And the same continues the next day, every day. We want to save you from collecting all the receipts. Instead, download CostPocket app, make a picture of the receipts and let us digitize and send them to the accounting software. Digitize your business!
Digitize invoices and receipts without a signup fee
The easiest and fastest way to start getting all invoices and receipts digitally is to use CostPocket app. Simply set up an account, integrate it with your accounting software and you are all set! No signup fee or waiting, just download, set up your account, and start using! Save up to 63% of the time spent on receipts and invoices.
Make a picture of a receipt Snap a photo of your receipt with the CostPocket app. The picture is digitized in the app and you can see all the digitized info in the app. Once you have integrated CostPocket with your ERP, we will send all info there automatically. 
Make a picture of an invoice You can also take photos of invoices - everything will work the same way as with receipts. Once you have integrated CostPocket with your ERP, we will send all info automatically there.
Forward invoices with email All the invoices you get on your email can easily be forwarded to your unique @costpocket email. Those invoices will go through digitization process and will be forwarded to your ERP. 

Integrates seamlessly

Costpocket integrates seamlessly with leading accounting, payroll and payment software, so you can create a final solution that suits every user.