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Send receipts.
Get reports.

Get your money back
and avoid extra costs!

Dude with loads of paperwork

Collect, digitalize, sort, archive and send your receipts to accounting software.

CostPocket enables companies, both small and large, to streamline their expense reporting processes. For employees, CostPocket provides an easy-to-use mobile app to submit expense documents. 

Save up to 70% of time spent on processing expense documents and data.

For accounting professionals, CostPocket provides an semi-automated expense reporting solution integrated with many accounting softwares

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Expense document management is

No need to constantly notify clients about missing receipts
No need to change accounting entries because of late receipts.
All receipts are digitally archived
Your accounting will be up to date.
Clear overview of employees' expenses and reimbursements
App will generate expense reports for you

Andres Kert
Andres Kert,
“CostPocket is our valued partner in two respects. First of all, they make the lives of our clients considerably easier by sending their digitized receipts directly to our Merit Aktiva. But it also makes our own lives easier as we use the service ourselves on a daily basis.”

Merit Tarkvara AS

About Team

Martin Sookael
Martin Sookael

Martin is the heart of CostPocket. If you wake up in the morning and discover a new feature in the app then it was most probably Martin’s idea and execution. He is always cheerful and smiling and knows just about every other person in the world!

Eduard Kotov
Eduard Kotov

When Eduard talks the world listens, because every single word coming out of this guys mouth is pure gold! He is incredibly smart as besides all other things he put together the Optical Character Recognition the app is using!

Joonas Sernjuk
Joonas Sernjuk

Joonas is the energetic guy on the phone that all the accountants love to listen to. Besides having a charming voice he knows just about everything there is to know about Costpocket and all the integrations to accounting softwares.

Kristjan Suursoho
Kristjan Suursoho

Kristjan is our young product and web designer. Quite honestly saying, the whole team is amazed by this guys everlasting desire to do and then do even more! He has got the eye, the hand and a lot of good ideas! By the way, he has also made this CostPocket website!


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