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Robot digitization

With Robot digitization, our intelligent document robot will assist you with digitizing documents submitted via the app and automatically digitize documents submitted via email.

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per user per month

  • 5 documents per user per month
  • Submit and/or forward documents
  • Robot digitization

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per user per month

  • 100 documents per user per month
  • Submit and/or forward documents
  • Robot digitization

Human verified digitization

With human-verified digitization, all submitted documents will be verified by CostPocket digitization specialists with at least 99.5% precision, within one working day, but on average within ~7h.


Fully automated to save the most time


per user per month

  • 30 documents per user per month
  • Submit and/or forward documents
  • Human verified digitization
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Not sure about the volumes or number of users


per document

  • Unlimited documents
  • Submit and/or forward documents
  • Human verified digitization
  • Unlimited users

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Forwarding invoices

Every registered company gets a personalized email address [email protected] where you can forward expense documents, such as. AirBnB, Google, FB, Bolt, Uber, invoices, etc.

Exceeding 100 document limit

After the document limit is exceeded, the next 100 documents will cost you 5€.


Exceeding 30 document limit

After the document limit is exceeded, you'll be charged 0.4€ per document.


Document-based pricing

Pay for what you use - Get unlimited users and pay only for what you use each month. Extra admin costs 5€ per admin.

Pay as you go

User-based pricing

Charge based on the number of individuals using the product.

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Digitizing invoice lines

Invoice lines that we digitize: Service or product description; Quantity; Measurement unit; VAT rate; VAT; Netto and Total sum.

Pay as you go

Accountants, we care about you!

Handling more than 1 client using CostPocket? If you pay for your clients and get a combined invoice from us, the first 2 users per client company are 2 users for the price of 1 . Accountant can be an administrator in each of the companies and company owner can be a submitter.

  • Automated Expense Reporting
  • Integrations with many accounting softwares
  • All documents are archived
  • Cancel your subscription at any time
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Send documents from email
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Commonly asked questions

Why does the 5€ plan have 100 documents but the 7€ plan has 30 documents?

5€ plan has robot digitization but the 7€ plan has human-verified digitization, which does not require you to check the data yourself and precision of at least 99,5%.

Is it possible to get one invoice when I have multiple companies?

Yes, it is. Each time a new company is registered (when it is not your first company in CostPocket), it prompts “Bill my other company”, NB! For an accounting agency, it is better to create an account for the accounting agency first and then start adding companies that it serves.

How can I pay for the service?

We will send an invoice at the end of the month.

Is it possible to cancel my subscription?

Yes, we will issue the last invoice and then cancel the subscription.

Admin vs User: What's the difference?

Users can submit, view, edit, and delete documents. Admins can change pricing, integrations, change, or remove users or edit company profiles. When registering a company, you'll be set as admin.

What happens when I exceed my document limit?

You’ll be charged based on your plan. With the Gold plan, 5€ per 100 documents. With Platinum plan 0.4€ per document.