From paper receipt to electronical accounting data within seconds. You make pictures with app or forward invoice PDF-s, we digitise the data

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Accounting is much easier with an easy to use app!

Get the app for you and coworkers to send invoices and receipts straight to accounting.

CostPocket digitises all invoices and paper receipts

You forward receipt as image or e-mail attachment, CostPocket will read the necessary with automatic text recognition and forwards it to accounting software.

No more bringing printed out invoices to accountants, all documents move digitally.

digitizing receipts and invoices

How CostPocket works with receipts:

  1. Get the app from Google Play or Apple App Store. If the company is already uses CostPocket, ask the accountant to add you as user.
  2. Make picture of receipt
  3. Make sure, everything is digitised correctly (no need for that with Platinum / Pay As You Go / Plan200), after that the electronical data will be sent to accounting
  4. You can continue with the next receipt

How CostPocket works with invoices

  1. Ask your companies   @costpocket.com address from your accountant.
  2. Forward e-mail invoices there.
  3. CostPocket will read data from the invoices and forward them to accounting software
  4. You can continue with the next invoice

Automatic text recognition 

for invoices and receipts

Digitisation service: 

currency, date, supplier name, reg. code, total sum, (all) VAT (lines), subtotal doc number, IBAN, refference number, due date


Travel reports, Business cost reports etc 

CostPocket functionality

Multifunctional app for collecting receipts
e-mail invoices for digitisation
Paperfree expense and travel reports
Keep track of costs
happy accountant dude