what growth managers think they do

CostPocket is the most used app in Estonia for receipts. To make sure, the whole other world would start using us soon enough, we are looking for a Growth Manager

CostPocket (formerly tsekk.ee) is a simple app, which enables you to make a picture of the receipt and send all the required data to accounting. No more annoying expense reports!

With us you can

  • Create the lyrics - texts - for website, e-mails, blog, press announcements and manage the social mediaCreate the lyrics - texts - for website, e-mails, blog, press announcements etc
  • Optimise the website and increase incoming traffic (Google Ads etc)
  • Manage other CostPocket channels (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Keywords, descriptions, titles, h1 titles, contents and URLs. With one word - SEO
  • CAC, LTV, ARPU, Churn, Conversion, MRR - YES!
  • Landingpages - we do a lot of landingpages
  • e-mail marketing (e-mail list management, creation of e-mails)
  • PR
  • And do all of that in five languages (obviously with the help of translation bureaus)
  • Improvise
  • Be indepenedent

We offer

  • wide contact network in Estonia and outside
  • possibility to forget about routine
  • work from home or airplane, 9 o'clock in the morning or 4 at night
  • be part of the company through equity

In addition you can use all of your own ideas, since as it happens in a startup we tend to be in a pretty high growth and keep on trying out new things

CostPocket is an award winning company both in Estonia and outside

  • 2018 dec, Digital Freedom Festival, won the Rockstart pitching competition
  • 2018 may selected to Startup Wise Guys accelerator
  • 2017 dec - won the procurement for TalTech university receipt handling
  • 2017 nov - selected to be among the 12 most exciting early-stage startups in Estonia by Estonian Business Angel Network (EstBAN)
  • 2017 oct - on a Europrean e-governance competition chosen among top 5 solutions.
  • 2017 may - selected to be among top 15 ideas by Arctic 15 converence

Who you would be working with

Martin Sookael, CEO

Martin is the heart of CostPocket. If you wake up in the morning and discover a new feature in the app then it was most probably Martin’s idea and execution. He is always cheerful and smiling and knows just about every other person in the world!

Eduard Kotov, CTO

When Eduard talks the world listens, because every single word coming out of this guys mouth is pure gold! He is incredibly smart as besides all other things he put together the Optical Character Recognition the app is using!

Joonas Sernjuk, Sales

Joonas is the energetic guy on the phone that all the accountants love to listen to. Besides having a charming voice he knows just about everything there is to know about Costpocket and all the integrations to accounting softwares.

Kristjan Suursoho, programmer

Kristjan is our young product and web designer. Quite honestly saying, the whole team is amazed by this guys everlasting desire to do and then do even more! He has got the eye, the hand and a lot of good ideas! By the way, he has also made this CostPocket website!

We have great team events and people say, it's pretty much fun to work with us. Come spice up your own life and help us to take over the world!

Call to action:

Write 500-1000 letter motivation letter and send it to [email protected]