Merit Aktiva and CostPocket

CostPocket makes expense reporting easy! Save up to 70% of time spent on expense reporting.

How CostPocket works with Merit

All employees can send their expense documents to accounting with CostPocket app. The documents will be delivered to PayTraq automatically and accountant can see all the data prefilled in the software.

You and your employees make a picture of their expense documents.
CostPocket digitizes the receipts and sends info into PayTraq.

Benefits of using digital expense reporting:

  • Clear overview of employee expenses and reimbursements
  • Never lose a single receipt again
  • All necessary data from each document is digitized, say goodbye to typing in the data yourself

See all the receipt in software with a necessary fields prefilled

  • See all the receipt in software with a necessary fields prefilled
  • See and keep the original receipt in software
  • Keep the accounting up to date more easily

First 10 receipts for new company are digitized for free!

You can invite all your employees to start using CostPocket app to make picture of their receipts and send documents to accounting automatically, without any hussle! Easy to use for every employee!


How to start using CostPocket with PayTraq?

The easiest way to start using PayTraq together with CostPocket is to open Merit Aktiva, got to file menu, open settings and choose 'E-billing settings'. You will see different applications that can be used together with PayTraq and one of them is CostPocket. Click on 'Activate' and you're done! You will get instructions about how to use the app on your email.
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